Your question: What are old brass lamps worth?

How do I know if my antique lamp is valuable?

Lamps are often more valuable when left in an original condition with most or all the original parts. Lightly scratch the underside of the lamp surface to determine the type of material it is made from. Some lamps may appear to be made of metal, but they might also be painted to look and feel just like metal.

How do you know if a lamp is vintage?


  1. Do Some Research. Perhaps the first step you should take is researching lamp styles that look similar to yours. …
  2. Visit Antique Websites. …
  3. Look for a Maker’s Mark. …
  4. Research Manufacturers. …
  5. Examine the Cord. …
  6. Look for a Brass Collar. …
  7. Identify Shade Designs. …
  8. Examine the Craftsmanship.

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How can you tell if a lamp is brass?

If the magnet sticks, the item is usually steel or cast iron, with a brass plating. If the magnet does not stick, you can test further by scratching a hidden area with a sharp tool. If you see a shiny yellow scratch, the item is likely solid brass. If you see a silvery scratch, your piece is likely white metal (zinc).

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What is a Stiffel brass lamp?

Stiffel Lamp Materials

Finishes include polished nickel; antique, burnished and aged brass; silver or a combination of polished nickel and black. Some table lamps had smoked umber finishes, were made from Roman bronze, or were gunmetal gray. With the shade attached, Stiffel table lamps are at or above 30 inches tall.

How do I know if my oil lamp is valuable?

The best way to tell if an oil lamp is valuable is to compare it to recently sold lamps that are similar. Here are some examples of recent sales: A clear small glass oil lamp with a finger loop from about 1900 sold for about $25. An Eagle-brand blue glass oil lamp with a matching chimney sold for about $70.

How much are Stiffel lamps worth?

At when discussing Vintage Stiffel Lamps they are said to rarely hit auction houses and only usually go for between $100 and $500.

What can you do with old lamps?

Ideas to Repurpose Old Lamps

  1. Repurpose old lamps into a side table.
  2. Repurpose one into a bird bath.
  3. Make a tiered stand from a thrift store lamp and trays.
  4. Take the wiring out of old lamps and turn them into candlesticks.
  5. Paint a base to turn it into shelf decor.
  6. Repurpose old lamps from inside to outdoor solar lights.

How can you tell if a lamp is Stiffel brass?

Stiffel lamps are also marked on the bottom of the base. Sometimes the green felt on the bottom of the lamp would hide the label, but if you carefully unscrew the base, you can find the plaque or find etched in the metal the words “Stiffel,” “Stiffel Lamp Company” or SLC in the base.

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Are Tiffany lamps worth anything?

Tiffany lamps’ value can be anywhere from $4,000 to over $1 million. The most expensive Tiffany lamps sell for upwards of $1 million. The highest price ever paid for a Tiffany lamp was at Christie’s auction in 1997: $2.8 million.

Is Brass worth any money?

Brass Scrap Prices Explained

On the scrap metal market, brass varies in value depending on the type but is generally worth around $1.25 to $2 per pound or $0.08 to $0.12 per ounce.

How can you tell how old brass is?

Test a small area of the metal to distinguish aged brass from bronze, which is a very similar alloy. Brass will turn pink when tested with hydrochloric acid and will come to resemble pure copper as acid removes the zinc. Because this is a corrosive test, use the acid sparingly and only on a small area of the metal.

What is brass worth?


Brass Price/lb.
Red Brass (determined upon inspection) $1.75
Clean Auto Radiators (copper and brass combined) $1.60
Dirty Truck Radiators (copper and brass combined) $1.05
Radiator Cores (mostly brass and solder) $0.65

How do you clean Stiffel brass lamps?

Removing the tarnish from Stiffel lamps requires only the use of a mildly abrasive polishing paste.

  1. Fill a sink half full of hot water and add 1 to 2 tablespoons of liquid dish soap to it. …
  2. Remove the lamp shade and light bulb from the Stiffel lamp and set them aside in a safe location.

Are Stiffel lamps still made?

Proudly all of our products are still made in America, at our 40,000 square foot facility in Linden, NJ. If you take pride in possessing the unusual as well as the finest, then Stiffel should be your choice in lamps. Precise craftsmanship and magnificent design combine to make Stiffel Lamps the world’s finest.

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Where can I buy Stiffel lamps? Stiffel Lamps.