Your question: Is a 60 watt bulb good for a bearded dragon?

This lamp is not recommended for a bearded dragon. A bearded dragon needs a basking (hot spot) under the bulb of 95-105 degrees F. A basking spot lamp directs heat straight down from the bulb.

What is the best wattage for a bearded dragon?

The general answer to this question is between 50-150 watts. It all depends on how large your tank is and how close the bulb is to the beardy itself. A general number to aim for is 75 watts. This is an excellent place to start as it will heat most tanks, but it won’t burn your bearded dragon.

What bulb should I use for my bearded dragon?

Mercury Vapor Bulbs

A preferred lighting option for many bearded dragon owners and breeders is the Mercury Vapor bulb. These bulbs provide adequate amounts of both UVA and UVB rays and also provide heat. Mercury Vapor bulbs are more costly than fluorescent bulbs, but tend to last much longer.

Can I use a regular bulb for my bearded dragon?

Normal regular household light bulbs may be used for bearded dragons. Household bulbs typically have a yellow tinge to them. Lights with a white or closer to sunlight glow are better.

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Do Beardies bite?

The short answer to this question is yes, bearded dragons do bite. However, it’s not something that will happen often (if it does that means there’s something wrong). In fact, many bearded dragon owners never get bitten at all (yet another reason why they’re such good pets).

Are LED lights bad for bearded dragons?

Clear bulbs seem to radiate a lot more heat than frosted (soft) bulbs. If you’re just looking for extra light without more heat, LEDs would work very well. You’ll want a decent LED driver for the light strips to avoid any flickering.

Should I cover my bearded dragon’s cage at night?

Should I cover my bearded dragon’s enclosure at night? There is no need for it but you can cover your bearded dragon’s enclosure at night. Doing so will cut off external sources of light which may not be completely obvious to you; it may also help with optimal temperature management within the enclosure.

Should I turn my bearded dragons light off at night?

light. Turtles, tortoises, bearded dragons, iguanas, and chameleons are some common examples of reptiles that need UVB light. … UVB lights should be kept on during the day and turned off at night and should be used along with calcium supplements.

How do I rehydrate my bearded dragon?

Bearded dragons drink water, need water and continual mild dehydration causes long term health issues. When a bearded dragon is dehydrated, it is also likely constipated. Provide water by a combination of hydrating routines including bathing, misting (spraying), food, drinking from a bowl and syringe or eye dropper.

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Can Bearded dragons survive without a heat lamp?

A bearded dragon can survive 24 hours without heat as long as the temperature doesn’t go below 65° degrees Fahrenheit (18° C). They need warmth to survive, so take appropriate measures to keep the temperature in their ideal range.

What temperature will kill a bearded dragon?

During the day a bearded dragon will like a temperature of around 95F (35C) but at night time, you only really need to worry if the temperature drops to around 65F (18C).

Why are red lights bad for bearded dragons?

Do not use a red light at night. It has been proven that bearded dragons can see this and their sleep may be disturbed. Under tank heaters should not be used as a beardie can only feel the heat from above.

Can a bearded dragon kill you?

Bearded dragons are not poisonous to humans. They do secrete a venom used to paralyze small prey animals, but due to the minute amount produced, they cannot cause serious harm to people. A bite may cause temporary swelling, but biting is a rare occurrence from this generally docile creature.

Do Beardies like music?

This all depends on your bearded dragon! It has been found, though, that most beardies do not like loud and harsh music, such as rock, but prefer calmer, softer music. Start out by having them listen to a couple of your favorite artists. They’ll be able to hear just fine at a low volume.

How can you tell a bearded dragon is mad?

How Do You Know When a Bearded Dragon is Mad?

  1. Biting. This is an obvious sign that your beardie is mad, and it usually occurs when they are not happy with the way you are handling them. …
  2. Hissing. Hissing is one of the common behaviors your beardie will show when angry. …
  3. Bearding (Fluffing Their Beard) …
  4. Head Bobbing. …
  5. Gaping (Opening Their Mouth Wide)
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