How do you pack a stained glass lamp shade?

First, wrap the lampshade with bubble roll, being careful to cover every edge and corner. Next, activate the heated Instapack so that it foams up. Quickly place the foam packet at the bottom of the carton, and while it puffs up, press the wrapped lampshade firmly in place so that the foam fills up the spaces around it.

How do you pack a glass lamp?

Step-By-Step Instructions for Packing a Lamp

  1. Remove the lampshade and harp. …
  2. Discard the light bulb. …
  3. Cover prongs with foam to protect base. …
  4. Gather the cord. …
  5. Wrap base with paper padding. …
  6. Place it upright into a box lined with packing paper. …
  7. Wrap the harp and finial in packing paper. …
  8. Add finial and harp to the box.

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How do you pack fragile lamps?

Secure the padding with tape so that it doesn’t come undone when the bulbs are packed in a box. Pack all of your lamp bulbs together in one box, and be sure to use packing paper or more air-filled plastic padding to fill in any gaps so that the bulbs don’t shift around.

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How do you cover a lamp shade?

  1. Place lampshade on front side of fabric. …
  2. Place Fabric Around Shade.
  3. Wrap fabric around shade and trim off excess fabric, leaving two inches for overlap.
  4. Glue Fabric to Shade.
  5. Run a line of fabric glue along the shade’s existing seam and press one end onto glue. …
  6. Wrap Fabric Around Shade.

How do you change the color of a lamp shade?

Mix equal amounts of acrylic paint and cold water in a spray bottle, adjust the nozzle to a fine spray, and evenly spritz the lampshade all over. For a two-tone look, wait for the first color to dry then spray a second color over it.

How do I pack large photos?

  1. Step 1: Lay down a thick blanket on a flat surface. …
  2. Step 2: Get a mirror box, and tape one end closed. …
  3. Step 3: Wrap the picture frame with packing paper. …
  4. Step 4: Secure with packing tape. …
  5. Step 5: Repeat with bubble wrap. …
  6. Step 6: Stuff the bottom of the box with wadded-up packing paper.

How do you pack a table lamp?

Place the lamp on its side in the middle of the bubble wrap, roll it up and secure it with tape. For longer moves, you should add another layer of bubble wrap. Wrap several lengths of tape around the lamp, and fold over the edges of the bubble wrap to secure the bottom of the lamp.

What material can you use for a lampshade?

Cotton is a popular lampshade fabric that is easy to clean, and it drapes and gathers well, lending itself to pleated and decorative lampshades. Cotton fabrics come in an almost endless variety, but one of the best choices for lampshades is soft-touch cotton.

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What can I put over a lamp to dim it?

You could put something (non-flammable) over it that will make it dim, like sunglass lenses. You could also use a very long extension cord (or series of extension cords) to reduce the amount of power that gets to the light. Although that might not be noticeable if it is a low wattage light.

What color should my lamp shades be?

Picking a color that goes with the feel of the room should be your top priority. Darker color lampshades give off less light and lend to a mysterious or romantic atmosphere. On the other hand, brightly colored lampshades can make even windowless rooms feel bright and cheery.

Is it OK to paint a lampshade?

Painting lampshades is a fun and inexpensive way to update your decor, and there are countless lampshade ideas out there that will inspire you. … Crafters use fabric paint, spray paint, and other finishes to change the look of old lampshades.

How do you cover a lampshade with fabric strips?


  1. Strip old material off of the lampshade, leaving just the metal frame.
  2. Cut fabric into 1-inch-wide strips.
  3. Starting at top, tie a strip of fabric to the top corner of the frame. Wrap the strip around the metal to cover it, tying off on a vertical frame support at the end of the strip.

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