Frequent question: How many lumens is a 194 bulb?

Part #: SL34761
Light Output: 25 lumens
Energy Used: 3.78 watts
Average Lifetime: 2,500 hours
Volts: 14

What is the brightest 194 bulb?

LUYED 2 X 730 Lumens Extremely Bright 9-30v 3030 12-EX Chipsets Canbus W5W 194 168 2825 Led Bulbs,Xenon White(Brightest 194 Led On amazon)

What bulb is brighter 194 or 168?

The 168 bulb is a brighter bulb because it is a higher wattage bulb than the 194. Both are the exact same size. You’ll see all aftermarket bulbs on web sites show 194/168 wedge or some similar type.

How many lumens is a 200w bulb?

Lumens to watts table

Lumens Incandescent light bulb watts Fluorescent / LED watts
1125 lm 75 W 18.75 W
1500 lm 100 W 25 W
2250 lm 150 W 37.5 W
3000 lm 200 W 50 W

What is the difference between a 193 and 194 bulb?

The 194 will burn hotter and give a more whitish light when you’re plugged in. But if you boondock frequently, not only will the lower voltage while on battery power extend it’s life, it will look brighter at reduced voltage than the 193.

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Are 194 and 2825 bulbs the same?

Registered. Yes 194 is 2825. This bulb will fit your map lights, trunk light, license plate light, and your glove compartment light.

Which 194 LED bulb is best?

5 Best 194 LED Bulbs in 2020

  1. SIR-IUS-LED 194 LED Bulbs. SIR-IUS-LED is a nice option for extreme brightness through the 3030 chipset technology. …
  2. Yorkim 194 LED Bulbs. …
  3. JDM ASTAR 10pcs Super Bright. …
  4. AUXITO 194 LED Bulbs. …
  5. NEW UPGRADED] 194 LED Bulbs GZTC.

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How many watts is a 168 bulb?

Philips 168 Standard Instrument Panel Bulb (Pack of 2)

4.9 Watts and 14 volts. T3 size and shape, wedge base.

How many lumens is a 168 bulb?

#168 – 4.9 watt – . 35 amp – 14 volt – T3. 25 – Wedge Base

Part #: SL34711
Light Output: 38 lumens
Energy Used: 4.9 watts
Average Lifetime: 1,500 hours
Volts: 14

What’s the difference between a 158 bulb and a 194 bulb?

158 is a 3.36 watt lamp. 168 is a 4.9 watt lamp. 194 is a 3.8 watt lamp. The small extra current draw shouldn’t overload the fuse, at least I haven’t blown one yet and I went for max brightness, you could try halfway with the 194 and they’re a bit more readily available too.

Is 3000 lumens too bright?

In other words, 3,000 lumens is meant to give a room a brighter light. This is not ideal if you have a small room and it’s a bedroom. You don’t want to blind your eyes when you’re about to go to bed. On the other hand, 2,000 lumens is ideal if you wish to light up a 200 square-foot living room.

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Is 200 lumens bright enough?

Is 200 lumens per square feet or 18.5 square metre or 18.5 lux is bright enough for reading? As I said, you only need around 25 – 50 lumens per square metre focus properly on to your book reading comfortably. So, if you have that in mind, 200 lumens per square feet will be dimmer.

How strong is 5000 lumens?

For the average living room of 250 square feet, you’ll need 5,000 lumens as your primary light source (20 lumens x 250 square feet), equivalent to about five 100 watt incandescent light bulbs, five 23 watt CFLs, or eight 10 watt LED light bulbs.

Can I use 194 bulb instead of 193?

While the 194 can last up to 15,000 hours of use, it has a length of 1.06 inches and a diameter. 0.56 inches, the amperage is lower than the 193, being at 0.27 Amps, while the voltage is of 14 volts and the glass bulb itself is a T3. 25 Bulb. Compared to the 193, it takes less Watts, being at 3.8 Watts.

How many watts is a 194 bulb?

Philips 194 Standard Mini Auto Bulb (Pack of 2)

3.8 Watts and 14 volts. T3 size and shape, wedge base.

What is a 194 bulb used for?

The SYLVANIA 194 Long Life Mini Bulb makes a perfect direct replacement solution for your car or truck’s interior or exterior lighting. These bulbs offer increased longevity, and have been engineered to withstand a sizeable amount of road shock and vibration.