Does Lampe Berger really work?

Does Lampe Berger really kill bacteria?

The Lampe Berger lamp eliminates harmful bacteria in your home during all seasons, but during cold and flu season this can be a gamechanger. When someone sneezes or coughs in your home, certain viruses and bacteria take flight and hang in the air, landing on other people and surfaces.

Does Lampe Berger disinfect air?

One of the biggest benefits of Lampe Berger is the disinfecting action of heating isopropyl alcohol to purify the air by breaking down the impurities on a molecular level. It collects and destroys bacteria and foul odors, and increases the oxygen level. There are many benefits to using a Lampe Berger.

Does Lampe Berger kill mold?

Also, does Lampe Berger kill mold? Lampe Berger cleans up after flooding. It’s an easy, effective and inexpensive DIY method to rid your home of the smell of mold and mildew, and it removes 68% of bacteria, too. Lampe Berger removes odors and leaves your home smelling like the scent you choose.

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How long do you let Lampe Berger burn?

Light the Lampe Berger using a match or a lighter. Allow the flame to burn for two minutes. *During the burn time, the Lampe Berger should not be left unattended.

Is Lampe Berger toxic?

Lampe Berger is an alcohol based fragrance that burns clean and does not emit any harmful toxins or chemicals.

Does Lampe Berger oil expire?

By looking after your lamp properly, your Lampe Berger will accompany you for many years! In particular, it is important to only use Maison Berger Paris perfume in your Lampe Berger. This way, the burner can last for one year or 200 uses; remember to regularly renew it for optimal use of your Lampe Berger.

Can you make your own Lampe Berger oil?

Creating your own Lampe Berger oil at home takes only a handful of ingredients – the most important of which will be a bottle of 90 percent isopropyl alcohol, which can be found at most pharmacies. … Naturally, you’ll also need one or more scented oils to give your lamp refill the scent you desire.

Is Lampe Berger and Maison Berger the same?

The Maison Berger Paris brand designs, produces and sells the perfumes for Lampe Berger. In some shops, you may find Lampe Berger Paris perfumes; they are the same as the Maison Berger Paris lamp refills.

Is Lampe Berger safe for pets?

As Lamp Berger fragrances contain diluted essential oils, they are considered safe to use around pets. If you have reservations because you’ve heard essential oils pose a danger to pets, use Lampe Berger So Neutral fragrance which banishes odors yet contains no essential oils.

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Why is my Lampe Berger smoking?

This usually occurs because of one of the following reasons: Your wick is too long for your lamp – The longer Lampe Berger 3C Burner / Wick is designed for use in taller lamps. … Your lamp is filled too high with fragrance oil – Lampe Berger recommends that you fill your fragrance lamp up to 2/3 the way full and no more.

Where can I buy Lampe Berger oil?

Lampe Berger Oil | Bed Bath & Beyond.

How do you clean a Lampe Berger wick?

To clean it fill the cap of the fuel bottle or a small container with some Lampe Berger oil in it and pull the wick up enough to soak the rock part in the lid for 10 seconds and then place the wick back in the Lampe Berger and snug it back in place and then try to light it.

How do I refill my Lampe Berger?

Place your Lampe Berger lamp on a stable, level surface out of reach of pets or children. Using the small Lampe Berger funnel, slowly fill your lamp with the Lampe Berger fluid of your choice, taking care not to fill the lamp more than two thirds (2/3) full. Carefully re-insert the wick.

How do you use a Lampe Berger for the first time?

Fill up the lamp bottle with a Lampe Berger fragrance not more than 2/3 of the bottle level. 2. Let the wick sit in the lamp with the stopper cap on. If it’s a first time use, let the wick soak for 20 minutes.

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How does a catalytic lamp work?

How Does a Catalytic Lamp Work? The lamp consists of a bottle with the aroma essence, a special burner, and a cotton wick. … This triggers a catalytic reaction and releases molecules that don’t just cover up the unpleasant air – they clean it and neutralise any unwanted bacteria and odours.