Can you hardwire the ring Spotlight cam?

The Hardwired Kit for Spotlight Cam is a package of tools and parts that allows you to hardwire your Spotlight Cam wired directly into an electrical box instead of a regular outlet for consistent power delivery.

Can Ring spotlight battery be hardwired?

Ring initially announced three versions of its Spotlight Cam: A battery version, a wired version, and a solar version. … The wired version sported a power cord simpler than but not entirely unlike the cable Nest took so many hits for on its outdoor camera product.

Can Ring Spotlight cam be mounted horizontally?

When mounting the Spotlight Cam to a vertical Wall, you’ll usually want the circular protrusion where you mount the Spotlight Cam facing downwards. When mounting to a horizontal surface, face the circular protrusion in the direction you want the camera to see.

Is the ring spotlight CAM any good?

Conclusion. The Spotlight Cam’s simple installation, solid performance and easy-to-use app make it a favorite among the outdoor security camera-light fixture hybrid devices I’ve tested. I don’t like that you need to pay for the monthly service to access any saved video clips, but $30 per year isn’t bad.

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How long is the cord on the ring Spotlight cam wired?

The Spotlight Cam Wired has a 20-foot power cord for use with an outdoor outlet. The spotlight is provided by LED light strips on either side of a 140-degree wide-angle lens, which activate when motion is detected. The motion sensor, encased in a dome on the bottom of the camera, has a 270-degree detection range.

Does the ring spotlight camera need two batteries?

You only need one battery for your Spotlight Cam to work properly. However, if you want extended battery life or don’t want to experience any downtime charging the battery, a second battery is available for purchase.

What is the difference between ring Spotlight and Floodlight?

Ring Floodlight and Ring Spotlight are both designed and manufactured to Ring’s high-quality standards. The floodlight is designed to cover a large area using an extremely bright, almost-blinding light. The spotlight, on the other hand, works well if you are only looking to illuminate a small area.

Do you need WIFI for ring Spotlight cam?

Are Ring’s cameras wireless? Yes, Ring’s cameras and doorbells connect to the internet using Wi-Fi. The company also sells a variety of battery-powered cameras that don’t require power cables.

Can you install ring Spotlight cam upside down?

The camera is only one direction, so if you mount it upside down you will see an upside down picture. However, the mounting bracket is adjustable from the bottom of the unit (for wall mounting) to the top of the unit so you can hang it from an eave.

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How high should the ring floodlight camera be mounted?

Floodlight Cam works great at about nine feet above ground level with the motion sensor parallel to the ground. From this height, your Floodlight Cam can cover a wide visual area, as well as capture HD video of visitors’ faces. When Floodlight Cam is mounted too low, it reduces your Optimal Motion Zone.

Can you mount ring floodlight horizontal?

According to the Ring site, the Floodlight cam can be mounted vertically or horizontally.

Where should I place my ring camera?

Make sure your cameras are placed at the right height. About nine feet off the ground outside and seven feet inside is a good rule-of-thumb for mounting security cameras.

Do Ring cameras need to be hardwired?

This smart doorbell doesn’t need to be wired into your house. Unlike its competition, however, Ring doesn’t require dedicated electrical wiring; instead, it can work off of rechargeable battery power. …