Best answer: How do you reset Feit smart bulbs?

To reset your bulb, turn it on for one second and off for one second, three consecutive times. When the bulb flashes rapidly, it is ready for setup.

How do you reconnect a Feit light bulb?

Second Step: Hard reset the bulbs

  1. To start turn off physical wall switch, make sure wall switch is in off position.
  2. Turn light switch on for 18 seconds.
  3. Turn light switch off for 1 second.
  4. Repeat 5 times back to back.
  5. On the 6th time you will turn the light switch on and leave it on for mesh connection.

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Why is my Feit bulb blinking?

Tighten any loose bulbs and ensure all bulbs are rated “dimmable”. Check that the wires connecting the dimmer are firmly secured. If flickering continues, it may be caused by irregular power surges and spikes of electric energy moving along power lines and building wiring.

How do I get my Feit bulb back online?

Just select the plus sign on the main menu in the top right-hand corner of the screen. Add the bulbs with the original steps, and all names and schedules given will remain and bring your bulb back to a functional state.

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How do you pair Feit bulbs?

You must Allow Feit Electric App to access your location to connect to your device. Power On the bulb(s) and make sure the light(s) are blinking, then tap Confirm. Make sure you are connected to a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi Network, then tap Lighting, then tap Lighting device.

How does Siri connect to Feit smart bulbs?

Simply connect the light bulbs using Bluetooth on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, and in minutes you’re ready to go. Ask Siri to change the color, dim your lights, turn on or off, and more.

How do I connect my Feit smart bulbs to my WiFi?

Power On the bulb(s) and confirm the light(s) is blinking. Then tap “Confirm that the light blinks rapidly”. Choose a 2.4GHz WiFi network and enter the WiFi password, then tap “Confirm” To rename the bulb(s), tap the “Pen” icon, enter the new name and tap “Done”.

How do I stop my smart bulb from blinking?

In order to reset this smart bulb model, you’ll have to cycle the LED off/on five times. Each time you turn on and off the switch, pause for three seconds. The LED will flash, showing that it’s restored to its default settings. Philips Hue LEDs.

How do you connect smart bulbs?

How to connect your Alexa device to smart lights

  1. Open the Alexa app on your iPhone or Android and tap the menu icon at the top-left.
  2. Tap the words “Add Device.”
  3. Tap “Light.”
  4. Find the brand of your smart light, and tap it, then select the specific model and, if prompted, go to the light’s app and enable the Alexa skill.
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