Quick Answer: Will LED side lights pass MOT?

As long as the beam pattern and the colour of the light is correct – then there is no reason an LED upgrade bulb will fail an MOT.

LED bulbs are also great as fog lights or interior lights. They’re just as bright has halogens but use less power and last longer. … However, please note that any LED bulbs used in your brake, sidelights or fog lights are not road legal, either.

Can you fail MOT on side lights?

The precise position of lamps isn’t part of the inspection. The Tester will check visually that they are at about the same height and distance from each side of the vehicle. Direction indicators that function sequentially/dynamically are not to be considered a reason to fail.

Are side lights an MOT requirement?

No you don’t! We do MOT’s are there is no stipulation or requirements for sidelights.

New cars are fitted with LED lamps, which have been tested and pass Whole Vehicle Type Approval. … However, new cars fitted with LED lights are allowed to be used in the UK, because the lamps pass European / UNECE technical standards (although some of these latest LED lamps seem more dazzling to me than ever before).

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Is it worth upgrading to LED headlights?

You can’t help but notice high-intensity discharge (HID/xenon) and light-emitting diode (LED) headlights—the light they produce is noticeably brighter and whiter than halogen headlights. … But do these brighter, whiter HID/xenon and LED headlights help you see any better when you’re driving? The answer: Not necessarily.

Unfortunately not. LED upgrade bulbs can’t be classed as road legal because they cannot be E marked or have the British Standard mark. The reason that LED upgrade bulbs can’t be E marked is simply because no legislation exists for the use of LED technology in a headlight unit built for halogens.

Is a missing reflector an MOT failure?

If you use your car at night, you are required by law to have two (one left and one right) rear reflectors fitted to your vehicle. Missing, insecure, or damaged car reflectors are illegal and your car will fail its MOT if it doesn’t have the right reflectors, or they don’t work as they should.

Is condensation in a headlight an MOT failure?

It’ll only fail if it distorts the beam. Will fail if it affects headlight beam pattern, Or reduces light output.

Are daytime running lights an MOT failure?

Daytime Running Lamps (DRLs) and their operation

DRLs themselves are not covered by the manual and are therefore not testable items. They are fitted to the front of the vehicle only, coming on automatically when the engine is started and independently of the other lights.

What lights are checked in mot?

How to avoid failing your MOT on lights

  • Not working. The first point is to make sure all the lights and lamps are all working: headlights, fog lights, rear lights, brake lights, number plate lamps, indicators and your hazard warning lights. …
  • Too bright. Other cases vehicles can fail their MOT when the lights are badly adjusted. …
  • Too low. …
  • Indicators. …
  • Brake light.
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Do you need daytime running lights to pass inspection?

It’s not a requirement to have them. Any factory installed safety equipment must operate properly. SRS, ABS, TPMS, DRL, etc. If it had it, it’s suposed to remain intact and functional.

Will tinted rear lights pass MOT?

Having light tints installed should not be a reason for MOT rejection, so long as the light outputs are not adversely reduced, it emits the correct colour and the film is securely fitted. Grey or smoked light tints are popular among drivers and less likely to affect the light output than coloured options.

Will LED bulbs work in my car?

LEDs not only give your vehicle a clean, modern look but, with proper use, will out last any halogen bulb and even your car! Low energy draw, high lumen output, and instant on/off LED technology out shines stock bulbs in every way.

Can I put LED bulbs in my tail lights?

Mostly because it reduces the risk of someone tail-ending my car. Many new cars these days, especially the more expensive cars, use LED bulbs almost exclusively instead of traditional incandescent bulbs. … If only you were to replace the incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs, the brake lights would light up instantly.

Is Underglow illegal UK?

Are lights under a car illegal in the UK? You can legally add underglow lights to your car, but there are rules governing their use, where they are placed on the vehicle and some restrictions on colours that can be used.