Is Track Lighting good for living room?

Track lighting is perfect for living room with open floor concepts. You can keep your space feeling light and airy by running a track along the entire length of the open floor space, from the dining area or kitchen to the living room.

What type of lighting is best for living room?

Living rooms often serve many purposes, so you’ll want lighting that can easily adapt for casual entertaining, cozy movie nights, and other activities. Flexible track lighting is a smart choice for living areas because it can provide ambient, task, or accent lighting.

How do you use track lighting in a living room?

Mount the track fixture parallel to the wall. If your ceiling height is 9 feet or lower, place the track about two to three feet from the wall. If the ceiling is between 9 and 11 feet, place the track about three to four feet from the wall. Then, space the fixtures the same distance apart as the track is from the wall.

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What is track lighting Good For?

Track lighting helps homeowners spotlight pieces of art or pieces of furniture. With an electrical current flowing through the track, this popular product allows homeowners to change or reposition individual fixtures after installation.

Is track lighting out of style?

In fact, track lighting more often finds its way onto outdated decor lists. Track lighting, however, like its equally maligned brothers, wood paneling and ceiling fans, does have a place in modern interior design.

What color LED light is best for living room?

Warm white lighting fixtures are often preferred in living rooms and bedrooms to create a cozy atmosphere. The kelvin numbers offered for LED lights are typically 2700K and 3000K. These warm white lights are a good choice to compliment earthy tones and wood furniture.

What type of lighting is best?

People tend to look the best when illuminated by light bulbs that measure around 2700 kelvins. Most bulbs, whether incandescent, LED, compact fluorescent or halogen, are labeled “soft white/warm white” (2,700-3,000 kelvins), “bright white/cool white” (3,500-4,100 kelvins) or “daylight” (5,000-6,500 kelvins).

What is the difference between track lighting and monorail lighting?

Functionally, this means that track lighting is essentially an extension of your home’s electrical circuit. Monorail lighting is its own low-voltage system dictated by the transformer used. … Monorail is a more updated, design-oriented system, and usually has more decorative options for the light fixtures.

Will track lighting be bright enough?

One of the most popular ways to use track lighting is in hallways. Its setup is perfect for a long, narrow area. It is bright enough that you will not need other lighting fixtures, plus you can point the individual lamps at wall hangings or other decor that visitors pass along the walkway.

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Is recessed lighting cheaper than track lighting?

Track lighting typically provides a more cost-effective lighting solution, because they are mounted directly to the ceiling surface in a minimally invasive process, and do not require the structural remodeling that recessed lighting does.

How do you light a living room with no overhead lighting?

Four Ways to Illuminate a Room Without Overhead Lighting

  1. Plug-in Pendant Light. One easy way to fake overhead lighting is to get a plug-in pendant light that you can hang from your ceiling. …
  2. Floor Lamps. Another one of our favorite ways to light a living room without overhead lighting is to use floor lamps. …
  3. Natural Light. …
  4. Table Lamps.

How many lights can I put on a track?

A general track lighting rule is to add no more than one fixture per foot. A 15-amp, 120-volt lighting circuit can support a total of 1,800 watts, but you must deduct 20 percent from the total wattage to avoid overloading the circuit, so the safe capacity of the lighting circuit equals 1,440 watts.

Where do you put track lighting?

Where to Place Track Light Fixtures

  1. Run a straight track along a hallway ceiling and aim fixtures at the artwork on either wall.
  2. Customize a track to fit your kitchen space. …
  3. Install a track 20- to 40-inches out from the walls in a room.

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Can I paint track lighting?

Paint the track lights with an aerosol spray paint. Spray paint provides a smoother finish on metal surfaces. … Apply the paint in light coats holding the nozzle six to eight inches away from the track lights. Apply one coat of paint.

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What is the best lighting for a sloped ceiling?

A chandelier with an open geometric globe and decorative bulbs is a great choice for a modern room with a vaulted ceiling. Suspend it in the center of the room and add wall sconces and floor lamps for task and accent lighting.