How do you store outdoor lights?

How do professionals store Christmas lights?

Find Dry and Cool Storage

If your lights are wet when you take them down, spread them out in a dry place – your garage floor, perhaps – and allow them to dry thoroughly before storing them away in plastic tubs placed in a dry and mild climate.

How do you store Christmas lights so they don’t get tangled?

Clothes hanger

Anchor one end of the lights on the tiny hook (used for small straps). Then begin wrapping the strand all the way around hanger, working your way down one side, and then back past the hook itself and towards the other end, being sure to keep it tight against the body of the hanger.

How do you store lights?

Wrap tissue paper around the lights.

To protect the lights, wrap a layer or two of tissue paper around the cardboard. This will help protect them while they’re in storage.

Is it okay to leave your outside Christmas lights on all night?

Lights, when turned on, produce heat. The longer that the lights are left on, the hotter they become. Therefore, leaving your Christmas lighting on for too long – regardless of whether it’s overnight or over a long period during the day – isn’t recommended.

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Is it OK to store Christmas decorations in the garage?

Often, the only place to store holiday decorations is in the garage or attic, according to organizing expert Barry Izsak, author of “Organize Your Garage in No Time.” … Store holiday decorations in enclosed plastic containers to guard against water and moisture damage.

What is the best way to wrap up Christmas lights?

Stapf recommends using one hanger per strand of lights. Then, wrap the lights on hangers in tissue paper, plastic wrap, or an old towel, to keep the bulbs from breaking.

How do you store outdoor decorations?

Storing Holiday Wreaths, Inflatables and Outdoor Displays

Place each item in a heavy-duty plastic, canvas or polyester bag. Look for wreath storage containers and bags made to hold other large items. Label the items for easy reference next year. Use stackable plastic storage totes to make it easy to store inflatables.

Do you have to charge led strip lights?

Each LED strip segment must be connected to a DC power supply, or another LED strip segment that is connected to a DC power supply (daisy chain). The connection method will depend on the type of wires or plugs provided with the LED strip, as well as whether or not the DC power supply includes a plug.

What is a tree dazzler?

Tree Dazzler has light patterns and color choices for everyone that can be changed with just the touch of a button. Choose between solid colors, alternating colors, sparkling colors, scrolling patterns, or diagonal waves of sparkling light. Plus, Tree Dazzler is stackable so you can add even more holiday cheer!

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Can outdoor Christmas lights cause fires?

Christmas lights can cause fires when a socket gets overloaded or if electrical wires are faulty. The lights themselves produce some heat, but they can never get hot enough to burn anything, no matter how long they are left on.

How long can you leave outdoor Christmas lights on?

Holiday lights are OK to go up the day after Thanksgiving.

You can take them down anytime after New Year’s Day, but before January 6th—that’s Three Kings Day and the last of the 12 days of Christmas.

Are outdoor Christmas lights a fire hazard?

Christmas tree lights should not be left on for prolonged periods of time or overnight. Even LED lights can overheat, and with a combination of a dry Christmas tree, could cause a fire. … Not only could this save your home from a fire, but it could also save you money in electricity bills.