Best answer: How would you describe daylight?

Here are some adjectives for daylight: aggressive, realistic, faint, foggy, almost broad, nearly broad, barely narrow, now broad, sure, scant, still broad, crisp pale, soft derivative, prosaic, broad, dead but open, full, cloudless, fancy broad, long and lone, vacant, inexplicable, already broad, blinding grey, abrupt …

How do you describe daytime?

When the sun is lighting up the sky outside, it’s daytime. Most adults are at work during the daytime and come home at nighttime. While daytime is defined as “after sunrise and before sunset,” it describes this time of day even on dark, gray, days, or in parts of the world that get limited sunlight during the winter.

How do you describe the sunlight?

Here are some adjectives for sunlight: feeble predawn, golden late-day, unaccustomed raw, harsh, confusing, flat, garish, dazzling all-pervading, direct hot, dull late-afternoon, new, watery, abruptly fresh, open and harsh, eternal blinding, direct equatorial, breathless warm, full, glaring, late ruddy, slow molten, …

How do you describe morning light?

Here are some adjectives for early-morning light: pink and gray, buttery, smoky, dim, hazy, orange, misty, moist, gray, silvery, dreary, cold, pink, hard, white, soft.

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What is the definition of daylight hours?

Daylight hours means the hours between sunrise and sunset.

How do you describe a beautiful morning?


  • The day dawned crisp and clear.
  • The sun poured through my window. …
  • The light of dawn seeped into my room. …
  • The first rays of sunlight lit up my room. …
  • The rising sun cast a rosy hue across the morning sky. …
  • The just-risen sun shone softly on the city streets, bringing with it a flurry of early-morning activity.

What are good words to describe?

Explore the Words

  • adaptable. capable of fitting a particular situation or use. …
  • adventurous. willing to undertake new and daring enterprises.
  • affectionate. having or displaying warmth or fondness.
  • ambitious. having a strong desire for success or achievement.
  • amiable. …
  • compassionate. …
  • considerate. …
  • courageous.

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What words describe the sun?

The best 5 are probably:

  • blazing.
  • flaming.
  • glowing.
  • shining.
  • scorching.

29 нояб. 2012 г.

How do you describe time?

In math, time can be defined as the ongoing and continuous sequence of events that occur in succession, from the past through the present to the future. Time is a used to quantify, measure or compare the duration of events or the intervals between them, and even, sequence events.

How would you describe a ray of sunshine?

If you describe someone as a ray of sunshine, you mean that they are always happy and pleasant. … If you describe something as a ray of sunshine, you mean it brings happiness, often during a sad or hopeless time.

How do you say weather is good?

Here the use of the comparative adjective better suggests that the weather is so good that it couldn’t get any better. You could use other comparative adjectives like nicer or more beautiful.

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How do you describe a morning scene?

Morning scene can be described as: 1- I woke up early in the morning, the sky was bright. 2- The birds were chirping and enjoying the cool breeze. 3- The dew drops were falling from the leaves of the plants.

How do you describe breakfast?

Here are some adjectives for breakfast: free and edible, notably hearty, satisfying but rapid, fabulous southern, superior nuptial, prodigiously hearty, plain but nutritious, hasty and frugal, unexpectedly palatable, late and tedious, hearty and hilarious, delightfully long and narrow, commonly admirable, plentiful and …

Can we live without sun?

Without the sun there would be no vegetation on earth, because every plant needs light to live and grow. The sun even enables them to generate oxygen by means of photosynthesis, which humans and animals need to breathe. The earth’s position in the solar system is optimal for the development of life.

What’s the meaning of everyone?

: every person : everybody Everyone laughed at her joke.

What Lux is daylight?

Intensity in different conditions

Illuminance Example
111,000 lux Bright sunlight
109,870 lux AM 1.5 global solar spectrum sunlight (= 1,000.4 W/m²)
20,000 lux Shade illuminated by entire clear blue sky, midday
1,000–2,000 lux Typical overcast day, midday